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Original Prints are works of art or images that are created by hand from one of the principle printing techniques; plate,stone, block or stencil. They are usually printed by the artist or by a professional printmaker (known as Artisan or Master Printer) each is printed for the sole purpose of producing the final printed image. Due to the nature of the processes involved each of the prints is often slightly different. This makes original prints quite unique.

The prints are produced in a fixed number or Limited Edition, each signed and numbered (sometimes tilte also) by the artist. Once completed there  are no more prints made available in the edition, traditionally the matrix used to create the print is destroyed at the end of the print run. There are normally a small number of proof prints made at the same time as the edition, these are known as Artists Proofs and exist outside the numbered edition.

Original Prints are often published by a gallery, arts organisation or arts publishing house and sold by them on behalf of the artist.

Prints called Giclee, Inkjet or production lithographs are most commonly a reproduction or copy of an original artwork and should not be termed original prints. They may well be signed and numbered as original prints but edition numbers tend to be much larger and as a result their value tends to be significantly lower.


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