Stewart Hearn

All aspects of Stewart’s work demand high standards of technical skill and design – where traditional skills interpret contemporary visions.

In his personal unique work, he is always pushing his craft and skills harder and higher with every piece he makes.  It is his passion to always make the next piece better than the last … not forgetting the integrity of the design of the pieces and their composition, he is simultaneously dealing with the heat versus the weight of the glass on the iron.  Creating his pieces involves speed of thought in making and creative decision, being at one with the material, and using his skills and knowledge gained over his 30 years of dedication to the craft.

The other side to his business is contract and restoration work (which is very demanding of accurate tolerances), where he makes work for other people, some of whom have been clients for over 18 years.  Many of the pieces he makes are then matched up to metalwork.  Everything conforms to Stewart’s design, production and business professional standard, something that was acknowledged amongst UK makers when he was awarded the Balvenie Master of Craft 2011, Glass and Ceramics category.