Kayhan Jafar-Shaghaghi

A N A H I T A :

This body of work consists of still life photographs made using beach combed objects. Each piece is conceived and inspired by real life events, dreams, memories and expresses my feelings at the time of making.
Many of these images are to be viewed as diptychs or polyptychs. For example the ‘Artinquadriptych’ was made following the tragic voyage of a migrant boat carrying a Kurdish family from France to UK. The boat sank in the English Channel. The body of one year old Artin was found washed up on the coast of Norway months later. The ‘Artin quadriptych’ sculptures are made with identifiable beach-combed boat fixtures. These pieces were then assembled to form an imaginary Art in and his family, perhaps on a joyful occasion taking snapshots in various poses. Many of the images are stand alone. For example, ‘Familiar Strangers’ is a reflection of the nervous energy preceding an imminent collapse and ending. The perception that opposing view
points will lead us all to fail. The uncertainties of recent times, the heated debates, apathy and ignorance around so many issues such as climate change, Covid, Brexit, Scottish independence, Black Lives Matter, have all contributed to these feelings.
The objects used to make the series have been collected over twenty years from the beach at North Queensferry, Scotland. The inspiration behind this ongoing project is to weave oceanic and ephemeral art together using photography. Each photograph reflects socio-political, personal or emotional responses to daily life events of this time. However, by only using materials which were polluting the sea, there is a constant environmental awareness in the background.
All the images were made in my studio in North Queensferry using a 8”x10” view camera. I process and print my pictures in my small darkroom in Edinburgh.