David Reekie

David Reekie My work is influenced by our reaction and adaptation to the society that surrounds us. We live in a world that grows more complex and difficult to comprehend. It has tensions and temptations that pull us in different directions. This creates characters and situations that provide a constant source of material from which I take my ideas.
"I am driven by a desire to make things and during this making process I have the effects and qualities that glass can give me at the back of my mind. There are elements of both design and decoration in my work and because I use the human figure I find it relatively simple to introduce a narrative which suggests any particular theme or idea I am working on.
Politics and how society affects our lives is always a constant influence. In my current work I am investigating relationships. By using the juxtaposition of the figures, facial expressions, especially the position of the eyes and the angle of the head I try to indicate subtle nuances in our relationships with each other. I combine all these influences in my drawings and these eventually filter through to the work.
Casting and lost wax casting are my main techniques and I find these processes allow me to explore and develop my ideas even before I touch the glass. By modelling in clay and wax I have the freedom to gradually build my ideas and change things as I go along. I have also develop the use of ceramic enamel colours that I can use both in the glass itself and on the mould surface to create effects that mirror those in my drawings."